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Our flagship event, E-Summit, has hosted some of the most prominent stalwarts of the industry over the years and is famed as the second largest E-Summit of its kind in eastern India. Through a gamut of events such as entrepreneurial guest talks, workshops, competitions and investor meet-ups, E-Summit aims to help students get exposure about entrepreneurship and build a strong start-up ecosystem in the country.


During E-Summit, we host a series of entrepreneurial events. Workshops, competitions, discussion panels, business pitches and E-Talks are conducted. The main objective behind these events is to cultivate entrepreneurial qualities in students and motivate them to dream big.

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A game of wits and strategies.

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Auction Arcadia brings an opportunity to bid for the players and form your IPL teams. A dedicated auctioneer controls the proceedings of this event and at last, it ends with a settled squad for every IPL Team. With online game simulation, E-SUMMIT ’21 brings this unpredictable game into play by organizing Auction Arcadia.

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There is no better learning about entrepreneurship than hearing it from the people who have carved an undisputed name in their respective fields. At E-Talks which draws in huge crowds every year, we will bring in some of the finest and most distinguished names from a range of diverse fields. From YouTube superstars to CEOs and Founders, we have it all covered.

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The Campus Ambassador program provides a platform to infinitely increase your managerial, marketing, and networking skills. It is the perfect platform for refining personal & people skills, and providing exposure to the entrepreneurial world. This internship involves managing over 2 lakh participants from all across India, handling 300 + Startup ideas from the brightest minds, and interacting with an esteemed and experienced panel of Investors and StartUp mentors. The selected ambassadors, throughout their tenure, will work closely with Team EDC, NIT Durgapur, and represent our E-Summit in their college.



Auction Arcadia: Favourite among cricket fans
Board Room: A game of wits and strategies

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