E-Quest #1


Microsoft Corporation develops, licenses, and supports a wide range of software products, services, and devices, including the Windows operating system, Microsoft Office application suite, Windows Phone operating system, Xbox game console platform, Windows Server, Windows SQL Server and Microsoft Azure cloud platform. An object-oriented framework comprises system services, objects, and integration interfaces which unify retrieval and browsing of data among multiple different application programs, document formats, and local and remote data storage sites. The framework provides a hyperlink object which encapsulates general hyperlink navigation functions. The hyperlink object has a moniker which references a hyperlink's target, and a location string which designates a location in the target. The hyperlink object uses the moniker to retrieve the target as an object in the framework, and causes the object to display a view of the target at the location. The framework also provides a browse context object which maintains a navigation stack of navigated hyperlink targets, and allows passing of window and navigation toolbar position information to a frame in which the target is displayed to effect the appearance of window reuse when navigating between frames.